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Happy Valentine's Day, boys and girls.

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Now I just need to get HOME, that magical place where the computer makes noise.

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I've finally grown up enough to admit that The Road Warrior is a far better movie than Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. I still love Pig Killer, still think that bungee fighting is an excellent way to settle an argument, but mannnn. It's like realizing how stupid the Ewoks were. A piece of my childhood has died.

That being said, the folks at Death Guild have helped me re-evaluate my priorities. I realize that I don't care at ALL how successful I am in terms of the 'real' world - I just want to beat the shit out of someone with a foam sword.

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I'm watching Snatch on network television. I love me some terrible terrible edited-for-tv-ness. On top of all the 'freaking' and 'fancy,' on top of the de-slurring of the 'pikeys' into 'gypsies,' there is this priceless treasure:

Franky Four Fingers: So the biblical scholars mis-translated the Hebrew word for "young woman" into the Greek word for "virgin," which was a pretty easy mistake to make, since there is only a subtle difference in the spelling. But back then it was the "virgin" that caught people's attention. It's not every day a virgin conceives and bears a son. So you keep that for a couple of hundred years, and the next thing you know, you have the Roman Catholic church.

Now replace 'virgin' with 'girl.' It's not every day a girl conceives and bears a son? Priests and nuns say 'virgin.' I think it's safe for the CW at 9pm.

ETA: Ha! They de-fucked Mickie, too! I mean, really, what's the POINT?

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Guitar Hero III, bitches!

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"Being a hero never filled anyone's sack with salt and saffron - it's a waste of time."


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Mmm! Because I hate my telephone and drunk-dialing is against the introvert CODE, I will instead drunk-post. Or slightly-tipsy post. I'm watering my wine like some medieval trencher-sucker, all afraid of the evil spirits in pure H2O. I've also eaten a gigantic salad, so I feel rather cow-like. MmmmmmOOO! My stomach is all green inside.

How is everyone? How many people are still actually posting on LiveJournal? How many people have absconded to MySpace, which is, might I suggest, lame as hell and awkward to use and also something that I haven't checked in centuries? I'm not sure if I should end the previous statement with a question mark or a period. Such are the perils of the rambly stream-of-conscious ramble-post.

Also hyphens. Very perilous, the hyphen.

I am muchly elated, for I have today returned from the thrift store with a VERY workable skirt for my Halloween costume. It's complicated my life, being in an unforeseen color, but I shall make it work most cleverly. Yes? Maybe. Also in my thrifting journey, I acquired what can only be described as a Russian Military Elf Hat. Maybe when I'm slightly more sober, I'll take a picture. It kind of has to be shared.

Hello, LJ Loyalists, hello hello!

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I miss being around LARP-folks. I have no one to foist my insane thrift purchases off on.

Anybody need a white folding cane for the blind?

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Obnoxious cold from hell!

My nose is making Predator noises.

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