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enkigrl's Journal

25 December 1975
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I grew up in Rockford, Illinois, went to school in the beautifully grey town of Toledo, Ohio, and moved down to Austin, Texas to suck up the sun and music. I'm tall, I'm pale-as-fuck with groovy turquoise veins, I've got eyes that can't decide what color they are and hair that for the moment is long and resolutely brown. Anything else you're going to have to figure out for yourself.
a midsummer night's dream, alan moore, alethiometers, almanacs, angel dictionaries, anne bonny, antlers, art of memory, artemis, atlases, blades, blinky lights, blood grooves, blossom culp, boadicea, borders, bordertown, borribles, bowerbirds, british profanity, britvas, caducei, cannibalism, capricorn sun, chaos magic, chicks with scars, chipped nail polish, cigarillos, circuitry, claustrophilia, claws, complexity, conspiracies, creased comics, crossroads, crowley & aziraphale, curses, cyberpunk, dandies, dashing coats, demon bunny lanterns, dexter/sinister, drop-it-like-a-voiceless-velar-fricative, elflocks, ember days, entrails, ephemera, eyes of black oil, eyes of tree, fairy fuckery, fake ivy, female highwaymen, festivals, filching, folklore, foxfire, francesca lia block, garmarna, gay-and-innocent-and-heartless, geasa, ginger's dewclaw, giordano bruno, girl heroes, grant morrison, greer ilene gilman, grey hats, hakim bey, halcyon days, handsome cabinboys, hedgewitchery, hermes, hidden tails, highwaymen, historical crossdressing, huck finn, huldras, i fuck sphinxes, imaginary pantheons, intp, john constantine, john crowley, judas iscariot, karen elizabeth gordon, kate crackernuts, kitsune, knives, kohl, kudzu, lips red as blood, lobstrosities, maps, mary read, megafauna, moonshine, moral ambiguity, narnia, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neutral milk hotel, new gods, nick bantock, okkervil river, old gods, ophelia gardens, phil hine, piracy, pirate utopias, pisces rising, quicksilver, quilting bees, railroad tracks, ravenous, riddles, rooftops, rowan trees, rum + gunpowder, rust, sans-culottes, sei shonagon, shooting the hostages, small gods, smoky mountains, soul coughing, spaghetti westerns, steampunk, stichomancy, subtext, summer camps, survival instincts, szeki kurva, temporary autonomous zones, terri windling, the devil's youngest son, the flash girls, the invisibles, the morrigan, thomas mendip, transtemporal assassination kits, tree brides, treehouses, tricksters, twigs, twilight, unnamed gods, warm arterial spray, werewolves, wild virginity, winning lottery tickets, wit, woodwose banquets